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Surf Lessons

Ready to try it? How long have you been thinking about standing up on a surfboard and riding a wave? Shell Beach Surf School is your destination for surf lessons on the Central Coast of California. Shell Beach Surf School offers surf lessons year-round primarily in Pismo Beach and Shell Beach, CA.

Our lessons place an emphasis on ensuring that you, our student, feel comfortable and safe while learning how to surf. Our goal is to make sure that you enjoy yourself and our instructors will ensure that, regardless of your skill level, you'll have a fun time in a very secure environment. We'll help reduce outside factors of the surfing experience so that you can focus on simply enjoying yourself.

All instructors are CPR and first-aid certified and all instructors have at least 10 years surfing experience.

About Shell Beach Surf School - Multiple Advanced Level Lessons

Interested in taking a series of advanced surf lessons designed to make you a completely self-sufficient surfer. Our Surf School offers a series of 4 lessons. In those 4 lessons we'll teach you how to paddle out into the line-up, how to pivot your board and paddle for a wave, how to stand up on the open face of a wave, how to read currents and understand tides, how to understand surf etiquette, and more. Visit the Surf School page for more information.

Scheduling Your Lesson

Lessons are scheduled by reservation. We ask that you contact us at least 48 hours prior to when you would like to surf. If for any reason you cannot contact us 48 hours prior to your requested lesson time, call or email us anyways and we'll do our best to schedule it appropriately. Upon scheduling, we will get information from you to ensure that we have a properly fitted wetsuit on the day of your lesson.

The Day of Your Lesson

On the day of the lesson, we will have you meet us at our surf shop, Shell Beach Surf Shop. At the shop we will get you properly fitted for your wetsuit, select your surfboard, talk a bit about the surf conditions for that day and get you on your way. You should bring your own towel, water, sunscreen, and any necessary medications.

Pricing and Registration

Visit our Surf Lesson Pricing page to see all pricing options. Visit our Surf Lesson Registration page to reserve your surf lesson.


Call Shell Beach Surf Shop at (805) 773-1855 or email us at to ask a question or book a surf lesson.

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Providing a great overall surf-based experience for visitors and locals alike in the Shell Beach & Pismo Beach area of the Central Coast of California.