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Shell Beach Surf School has one simple goal in mind: to give you the opportunity completely enjoy yourself as you learn how to surf. We guarantee a safe and comfortable learning environment for you in a one-on-one lesson, or in a group lesson with your family & friends. Our lead instructor, Stu, has a well-documented record of teaching his students how to surf while allowing them to have a good time and express themselves. As the owner of Shell Beach Surf Shop, Stu is always in touch with the local surfing community and passes his local knowledge to his students. Many students who once took lessons are now regulars in Shell Beach Surf Shop and Stu has helped them explore new surf spots, new board types, and more which demonstrates our overall goal:
   We want to provide an atmosphere that teaches students to become stoked, exploring
   and capable surfers who are respectful of the ocean and the other surfers in it.


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Providing a great overall surf-based experience for visitors and locals alike in the Shell Beach & Pismo Beach area of the Central Coast of California.