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What Should I Bring?

Please bring water, a towel, sunscreen and any necessary medications to your surf lesson. You are welcome to bring your own wetsuit and surfboard to the surf lesson if you please though we recommend that you contact us before bringing your own items - to ensure that all equipment you bring is safe and appropriate for that day's conditions.

What Will Shell Beach Surf School Provide?

Shell Beach Surf School will provide a soft-top surfboard, a wetsuit, surf instruction and the surf instructor for your lesson.

Do I Need to Be In Good Shape to Have a Surf Lesson?

You can definitely have a good surf session regardless of what kind of shape you are in. Everybody will fall off the board during their first lesson but if you are excited and willing to try something new - you'll get it and enjoy yourself.

What Type of Surfboards Do You Use?

We provide Soft-top Surfboards that range from 7' to 10' in length.

Where Do You Go for the Surf Lessons?

Above all else, we hold our surf lessons in a controlled environment. Our primary surf spot is the stretch of beach in front of the Sea Crest Hotel in Pismo Beach but because the ocean conditions and weather are always changing, we will change that location if need be.

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